Rick Trader Producer

Conservative Commandos Radio Show

General Manager AUN-TV Broadcasting Group


Nasir has been a co-host every week on the show that airs in 17 cities nationally and 12 TV stations in Northern California, and around the world on the internet. I asked Nasir to make this personal sacrifice for our nation because his is a voice that America needs to hear over the roar of radical left-wing socialists and Islamists. Nasir is the American Dream being lived out and serving his country by sacrificing his life, fortune and sacred honor for freedom.

Endorsed by JD Miniear (President Indiana Republican Assembly) and Kristina Lamb Miniear (Chaplain Indiana Republican Assembly) Indianapolis, IN 

It's been highly satisfying and a privilege to work with Nasir on the Conservative Commandos Radio Show. One special joint interview we did with Nasir and Abby Johnson whose story was portrayed in the record breaking Pro-Life movie "Unplanned" last year was a great joy for us. He is an excellent defender of Conservative values and our Constitution. His pro-growth economic vision and experience as a medical doctor sets him apart as the top choice in NC-4 for engaging in the health care debate in Congress. Kristina and I strongly endorse our friend Dr. Nasir Shaikh for the US House of Representatives to represent North Carolina District 4.



Dana Allen In addition to being a co-host of the Conservative Commandos Radio Show, Dana is the leader of a new television network, “American Uncensored News Network”!! Dana was the Co-Founder and Chairman of NewsMax.com from 1998 to 2000. He was President of American Investigator Television from 2000 to 2001. Dana Allen was Founder, CEO, President and Chairman of Sequoia Data Corporation from 1987 to 1996, where he founded the first pure E-commerce company which went to market in 1989 with CompuMarket®, a product quite similar to today’s eBay.