"I come from a proud family that has been involved in the American Dream for as long as I can remember. I want to work for you. I will need your help. We need to defund Planned Parenthood Murder Inc immediately. We need to continue the economic policies of President Trump that insure low unemployment, low taxes and continue the policy of applying tariffs on those nations which continue unfair trade practices with us. We need to continue to fight for school choice and educational voucher school programs. We must make individual safety and self-defense, especially in regards to the Second Amendment a top priority by fighting the anti-gun zealots and their media acolytes everyday. 


Re-electing President Donald J. Trump should be our top priority!
Understand that the threat of Theocratic Radical Islamism is real and needs to be eliminated globally. Understand that China and Russia are not our friends. They are our trading partners and we must have a level playing field with free but fair trade. We need to continue President Trump’s economic policy of tariffs on China along with any other nation which does not allow for fair trade. We need to halt Chinese expansion in the South China Sea. We need to curb Russian influence into the Ukraine. We need to stand in solidarity with Hong Kong and not allow China dominance there. We need to impose massive fines on China for copyright infringement. Iranian hegemony needs to be checked. Iran can not become a nuclear power. We need to continue to support and impose severe sanctions on North Korea and Iran. Continue back channel dialogue with South Korean
counterparts exerting pressure on Kim Jong Un to join nations of the world and end nuclear proliferation of the Korean Peninsula.
The Alt-Left media, Main Stream Media, Left Stream Media and DemoKKKratic State party controlled media along with their Leftist academic elites and Hollywood Hypocrites are continually attacking, undermining and reinterpreting the Constitution for their Leftist ideology. One of many examples of this is just a few days ago House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer D-Md made a remark that should scare all Americans, whether Republicans or DemoKKKrats, whether you are on the Left or Right, Conservative or Liberal.  Understand this, Rep. Hoyer is the number two most powerful DemoKKKrat in the House. He actually said "Trump was afforded every opportunity to prove his innocence".  I am not sure which interpretation of the Constitution Rep. Hoyer is talking about; however, no American citizen has to prove their innocence. The burden of proof must be established by the prosecutors bringing the charge against you.
The 1A  is continually being attacked. Free speech is not being allowed at many institutions, especially on college and university campuses. Religious rights, especially of Christians are being attacked by libelous lawsuits. 2A rights are continually being undermined by passage of new anti-gun laws. These need to be fought and challenged.


The 2A is sacrosanct. There are already too many gun laws on the books. They need to be enforced. I believe it is unconstitutional to ban the sale of any kind of rifle, hand gun etc. Cartridge limitations in my estimation are unconstitutional as well. Red flag laws need to be challenged on their unconstitutionality as well.


I'm excited about the transformation of our economy under the leadership of our CEO/COO President Trump. Unemployment is the lowest in 50 years. Job creation and jobs are more available than ever and wages are rising all over the country. Because of an America first foreign policy our global neighbors are ready to negotiate fair and honest trade practices which is bringing business home. Our position as an energy exporter has not only benefited Americans with low fuel and energy costs but has freed many of our allies and friends internationally from Middle East price gouging. President Trump's mandate of eliminating burdensome regulations on businesses has been just the prescription needed to jumpstart the economy. Opening ANWAR, allowing the Dakota and Keystone XL pipelines to begin operations, fracking, access to oil reserves off of our shores and allowing for exploration for gas. America is now the leading exporter of energy in the world. Canceling the TPP, pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord and renegotiating NAFTA by passing the USMCA, President Trump has allowed the greatest economic engines in the free world to be allowed to do what they do best, unleash the unlimited economic potential of American businesses and workers.  

SECURE THE BORDER. BUILD THE WALL. Pay for the wall by charging a 15% fee on all forms of remittances sent overseas. Charge a “Border Wall Fee”, 5%-10% on all items coming into America via Mexico. All drug monies captured by Federal, State or local authorities to be allocated to building, maintaining and supporting the Border Wall.  Federalize National Guard if needed to assist CBP. Commit US Military personnel to assist with satellite and drone technology across entire border wall. Eliminate visa lottery program. Make visa program merit based. Asylum cases must be adjudicated outside of the United States. Once border is secure with Border Wall in place, begin guest worker program for employment.
As a Conservative, I believe in the sanctity and preservation of the life of the unborn. Unborn life emanates
from God and only He has the Divine Right to cause its existence to cease. Who the “Hell” are we as a
society to decide the life or death of the unborn? Abortion is the killing, the murder, maiming, mutilation
and torture of an unborn child, plain and simple. We all know as sentient human beings this is the undeniable
cosmic truth. I believe abortion is legalized premeditated murder. I believe abortion is a hate crime. The
definition of a hate crime is “a crime, usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance toward an
individual’s national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability”.
Babies and children fall under the above definition of hate crimes.

Abortion legislation via Roe v. Wade in 1973 gives license to legalized pre-meditated murder sanctioned by
the Federal and State Government condoning indiscriminate murderous tyranny against the “unborn souls
of citizens” awaiting arrival from the “vaginal border” of mothers who reside within the borders of the United
States of America. Chief Justice Blackman, along with Justices Burger, Brennan, Douglas, Stewart,
Marshall and Powell didn’t have the “Judicial Gonads” to stand for the rights of the unborn to pursue “life,
liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. In other words these seven Justices ruled that “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” only applied to women, not their unborn babies. The decision essentially meant any woman has the right to commit murder without penalties. Using the pretext of the 14th amendment to justify murder is just plain judicial BS. It was BS in 1973 and it still stinks of BS today.


America's Constitution and Bill of Rights is a guarantee to the individual of liberty and security. Uniquely as a nation, Americans have the Second Amendment that gives individuals the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our communities against all enemies foreign and domestic. Because of the First Amendment we have the knowledge that our opinions are not only allowed, but we can speak them freely as I do every day on The Conservative Commandos Radio and AUN-TV Network.  I also have the right to raise my family in the religious beliefs of my ancestors and to embrace the values that our Founding Fathers used to form this nation.


Educated as a physician, I am in a unique position to talk about the healthcare system. I constantly hear from colleagues and friends in the medical profession as to how "screwed up" the healthcare insurance system is in not allowing doctors to be in total control of care taking of their patients. We all need the freedom to determine which physician is right for our care and which insurance provider will help us to pay for the care we need. Our healthcare system does need changes. Medicare for All is not the answer. Our healthcare system is very highly regulated, with very little checks or balances. There is no competition in the marketplace in many markets. There is no transparency in costs. Why can’t I call a hospital or Dr’s office and get a price on an X-ray? If you could, it would force competition and prices would come down. An example of this is what has happened in LASIK eye surgery. It is not regulated, insurance does not pay and prices have come down by 90% and providers have increased. Shouldn't individuals be allowed to pool together and form pharmacy clubs to order medicines in bulk to lower drug costs. Shouldn't we be allowed to purchase drugs from Canada which have been researched and produced for Canadian citizens? If these drugs are safe enough for Canadians, shouldn't they be safe for Americans? Shouldn't we be allowed to purchase insurance plans across state lines?  Why can't we menu shop and pick the insurance choices we need to satisfy our individual needs  Why are Dr’s being harassed by medical boards and insurance companies for non-compliance issues when there practice begins to be a patient with cash only system and they refuse to take any patients with insurance or Medicare? 


As someone who believes in science, I understand that our climate is constantly changing. I have also studied the facts related to our changing climate and know that man is not the cause of these changes they are strictly controlled by our Creator. Conservatives are conscientious stewards of our lands, water, and air. We live in the cleanest country on the globe. Conservatives like myself acknowledge needing to protect the environment. The EPA should not be used as a social or political weapon to stifle economic development. We need to incorporate all kinds of energy production to include oil, gas, coal, nuclear, wind, solar and fracking. President Trump’s energy policy has allowed the United States to become the world’s #1 exporter of energy. In regards to climate policy I am 1000% behind President Trump’s decision to rescind the Paris Climate Accord. That would have been disastrous for America and the world. With the Left trying to convince American’s that the Green New Deal is just what  the doctor ordered, we need to ask which Dr? Is it Dr. Strange-Glove! The Left’s new

entry into identity politics is the religious marriage of climate change with politics. The Left has a new religion to promote and it is the Church of Climatology. We can not allow DemoKKKrats and their Leftist lunatic acolytes to control the narrative by allowing teenagers to dictate global energy polices. 


America has long been called the melting pot of the world because of our ethnic diversity and our unity because of that diversity. We have welcomed people from every nation and every tongue since before our founding as a nation. It is what makes us great. The American Dream is attainable without barriers because of our inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness which is guaranteed to every human being from conception until natural death.


Small business is the backbone of our national economy. It is also the foundation of the American Dream. Every American can receive and education, pursue a career, and make a fortune. We can not limit the choices of Americans by hobbling the first step in that process with government and regulation.