Thank you for being interested in learning more about my desire to help Make America Great Again. ​We need a true Conservatives who love America unconditionally and will always vote for legislation, policies and programs that will always put America and her citizens first.

                          PLEDGE WITH ME TO DO JUST THAT



Dr. Paul Broun who was a member of Congress representing Georgia’s 10th district. Dr. Broun used the following four criteria before he voted on any legislation.

1. Is it Constitutional and is it a proper function of government?

2. Is it Moral?

3. Is it Needed?

4. Can we afford it?

I will add one other criteria to Dr. Broun's list which will be

5. Does it benefit America, the American worker and the American people as a whole?


                                        I believe in God

I am Pro-Life. Life begins at conception. All innocent lives matter.

                                  I stand for America first

                                      I stand for the Flag

I believe the founding of this country is grounded in the Declaration of Independence and in an Originalist interpretation of the Constitution as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

I believe our Founding Fathers were men of integrity, honor and deep faith. 

I believe the Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution are two of the most profound documents written by free men.

I believe America was founded on Judeo-Christian values, principles and philosophies.

                            I am a Reagan Conservative


I love President Trump. I have been his biggest supporter and admirer since even before he declared his candidacy. I am now a Trump “Pragservative” (Pragmatic Conservative). Read my blog on how i knew he would win the presidency.


                                          I am Pro 2A

I love the men and women who have served and currently serve in the greatest Armed Forces ever in the history of mankind.

I stand with our men and women in blue. All Blue Lives Matter.

                             I am for building a Border Wall

                       I am for legal, merit based immigration

                  I am for school choice and voucher programs

I believe in the traditional definition of marriage between a man and woman.

                                   I believe in two genders.


I believe what was once described as Global Warming, then Global Cooling and now Climate Change has been and continues to be one of the greatest frauds and money laundering schemes ever perpetrated on the American people as well as people around the world.

    (Please read my blog where I explain how my parent's        values, ethnicity and religion shaped my conservative American values.)​


I’m a second generation American. My parents immigrated here legally so I understand what a profound gift America is to the world. I also understand this gift of American citizenship is a privilege which requires constant vigilance and service by those who cherish our Founding Father's and especially the rights guaranteed to every citizen by our Constitution. We also have certain inalienable rights that our guaranteed to us by our Creator. All of these "God Given" rights must be protected by those who serve our great state and nation.​ These "God Given" rights are for us, our children, grandchildren and beyond for our families legacies. My wife and children are precious to me just as every one of your family members are precious to you. I hold their rights and your rights to the American Dream sacred just as my parents cherished that dream. 


So therefore I ask all of you that It is time for all good men and women to come to the aid of our country. We have watched David Price, Nancy Pelosi, and Barak Obama fundamentally change America. We have lived through economic depression, high unemployment, a sluggish job market, and the removal of individual freedom paid for by taxation on every American family in the form of Obamacare or the ACA.  President Trump is changing all that and I want to help him. We all need to help him.

My parents came to America in 1955. Dad was 22, Mom was 17. Dad tells everyone "it was like going out on date that was going to last forever". I have a 17 year old daughter and I can't even imagine her being married let alone her married and traveling half way around the world at 17. 1955, that's when Dad and Mom arrived, starting their new life and quest of the American Dream. 1955, shows like I Love Lucy, The $64,000 Question and The Ed Sullivan Show were in their heyday. America was booming and My Dad was part of the "brain drain" that was occurring in America post WWII. American Universities, colleges and companies were all trying to recruit and bring to America the cream of the crop, the smartest and brightest students in the STEM fields. This was back in the days of legal immigration! Dad was given admission to the University of Minnesota to pursue a Masters/Phd in Engineering. So thats where i was bred, born and raised for the first 6 years of my live, in Minneapolis, MN. From there we moved to Pennsylvania and were a part of flyover country and it was just great. Growing up in small towns like Castle Shannon, Mt. Lebanon, West Middlesex and Sharpsville, PA. These were great places to live and the people were friendly and so "down to earth". Dad and mom were Republicans and we were a Conservative Republican family. Dad and mom loved President Reagan. I loved Reagan. What's not to love about President Reagan?


Dad was also the very first non-European, the first Caucasian man ever to become a member of the Freemason's in West Middlesex, PA. In fact he became a 32nd degree being a member.   


My parents put a premium on education and it is because of their vision for my future in coming to America that I was able to be raised and educated starting from Nursery and Pre-K, elementary, middle and all thru high school and onto Westminster College and Ross University School of Medicine. 


After graduating from Medical School I joined as an Associate for an R&D NutraCeutical Company called Mannatech Inc. I was involved in various committees dealing with new product development, marketing, research, sales and business development. I was also a part of their associate training program and helped in developing training materials for the lay person as well as for medical professionals. I was also a part of their training programs as we travelled all over the country introducing these patented Glyco-Nutrient products to the general public as well as to interested Health Care Professionals. I was the first MD to became a Presidential Director in the company. I was part of Mannatech's overseas expansion team when we opened Australia in 1997. In !998 I was elected to Mannatech's Associate Board of Directors and served there for 6 years.    

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