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That’s right America. Don’t fall for the DemoKKKrats smoke and mirrors. Don’t fall for the DemoKKKrats sizzle but no steak. Don’t fall for getting invited to the all you can eat DemoKKKratic plantation buffet party and all they serve you are leftovers and crumbs. Remember the old adage, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” You are being DUPED! D.U.P.E.D stands for the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for the Expansion of Dependency. It’s sister plantations are the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Ending Democracy, the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Expanding Diversity, the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Encouraging Death, the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Educational Destruction and the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Economic Disparity. Each of these DemoKKKratic plantations are organized and funded by powerful individuals, government bureaucracies and corporate entities.

These DemoKKKratic plantations enslave minorities from hundreds of identity groups who have been DUPED by identity politics instituted by Leftists. For example the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for the Expansion of Dependency enslaves black families generationally into welfare programs. They have been bound and shackled via governmental bureaucratic chains around their neck, hands and ankles with no freedom in sight and little hope of escape. Their lot in life is to be forever beholden to the government “Overseer” for their basic needs. They are given just enough to survive. They have no hope of ever escaping the plantation. Both DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantations for Ending Democracy and Economic Disparity are run by individuals who are agnostic, atheists, anarchists, climate change zealots, communists, environmentalists, leftists and socialists. Both DemoKKKratic plantations are also comprised of groups like Antifa, ACLU, Black Lives Matter, Congressional Black Caucus, NAACP, Occupy Wall Street and The Southern Poverty Law Center. The DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Expanding Diversity is controlled by academia, globalists, Hollywood Hypocrites, LGBT activists, Main Stream Media, open border fanatics and SJW’s. The DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Encouraging Death is owned by Margaret Sanger and operated by Planned Parenthood Murder Inc. Their partners in murder are Pro-Choice/Murder organizations like the Guttmacher Institute, NARAL, National Abortion Federation and the National Organization for Women. The DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for Educational Destruction is headed by the Dept. of Education and teachers unions. This Plantation is the single biggest reason for the institutionalization of systemic generational black poverty in America.

The Left has always been about identity politics. It’s how they derive their power, control and wield these to their political advantage at the ballot box. To understand you need to know the inner workings of the plantations prior to the civil war. On these large southern DemoKKKratic plantations there was usually a white man whose job was to coordinate the daily activities of the slaves. He was known as the “overseer”. On many southern DemoKKKratic plantations the “overseer” was an enslaved black man. His title was not “overseer.” He was called a “driver.” There was a hierarchy on the DemoKKKratic plantations back then just as there is a hierarchy on the DemoKKKratic plantations existing today. Some of the more notable “overseers” of past and current day DemoKKKratic plantations are Harry Reid, Edward Kennedy, Robert Byrd, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Adam Schiff, Jerry Nadler, Diane Feinstein, Eric Swalwell and Joe Biden along with many others. Next you have the corporate “overseers” like the Alt-Left, Main-Stream and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled media cabal like ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, N.Y Times, USA Today, Washington Post and NPR. All of these individuals and corporate entities have under their control a number of “drivers”. Their most prized “driver” to date was President Barack Obama. He supplanted Reverend Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton as the highest ranking free “driver” among black Americans. Remember how “Overseer” Joe Biden talked about Barack Obama on the DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation for the Expansion of Dependency in 2007. Overseer Joe Biden said this about “pre-driver” Barack Obama back then, “ I mean you’ve got the first sort of mainstream African American [driver] who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy, I mean that’s a story-book, man”. Remember when overseer Bill Clinton told Sen. Edward Kennedy “A few years ago, this guy [Obama] would be getting us coffee.” And who could forget overseer Sen. Harry Reid’s pronouncement that Barack Obama could become America’s first black President because he was “light-skinned” and had “no Negro dialect unless he wanted to have one.”

Other notable current social media “drivers” are Reverend Jessie Jackson, Al Sharpton, Professor Michael Dyson, Bakari Sellers, Van Jones, Joy-Ann Reid, April Ryan, Jemelle Hill, Roland Martin, Eugene Robinson, Angela Rye, Marc Lamont Hill, Cornell Belcher, Clarence Page, Mellisa Harris Perry, Donna Brazile, Michelle Bernard and Juan Williams among many others. Other important government “drivers” are Representatives Elijah Cummings, James Clyburn, Al Green, Maxine Watters and Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison. They are all free individuals today unlike the black slave “drivers” prior to the civil war. The Left has always used “drivers” like Barack Obama. They are constantly utilizing “overseers and drivers” to continue brainwashing blacks as well as other minorities to replace those who are leaving the current DemoKKKratic plantations because they are realizing they are being D.U.P.E.D.

Blacks are Blexiting fast via the Conservative railroad headed by a modern day Harriet Tubman named Candance Owens. Candance is the modern day “Moses to the black community” as she is parting the deep Blue sea of the current DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantation owners and shouting from the mountain top “Let our people Go”. Charlie Kirk and TurningPoint USA are the largest “Conductor” organization with more than 1400 chapters nationwide. TPUSA are the modern day equivalent of the Underground Railroad as they have liberated the minds and souls of hundreds of thousands of blacks and other minorities who were enslaved in thousands of DemoKKKratic Utopian Plantations across America.

If you feel by now this is all Conservative and Republican hyperbole meant to obfuscate real problems, remember this. Don’t let “your feelings get in the way of facts”. Let’s begin by giving an example to prove my point. If you were to take any inner city in America today, look at its political genealogy and you will find DemoKKKrats were in charge from the past to the present. I would be able to unequivocally make the following statement. These cites are modern day slave plantations owned, operated and legislated by Leftists, Liberals and the DemoKKKratic party. I can prove my treatise by sharing from author Kenneth Stampp’s book “The Peculiar Institution”. Dinesh Disouza talks about this as well. Stamp outlined five features that were present pre-civil war on every DemoKKKratic slave plantation in southern cities and states. One, tremendous amounts of brutality, violence, rape and murder. Two, no sense of family structure nor any real sense of a father figure to be the head of the black family. Three, large areas of broken down homes, shanties and shacks. Four, just enough provisions given to everyone in order to just get by. No chance for anyone to get ahead. Five, a feeling of pessimism, nihilism, despondency and despair. A feeling that you, your family were trapped forever and there was no escaping this situation. All of these particular characteristics of pre-civil war DemoKKKratic plantations Stampp outlines can be found today in inner cities like Pittsburgh, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Baltimore, New haven, Miami, Chicago, New York, Newark, Durham and Raleigh. I could list another 100 cities and draw the same conclusions. The only difference between the pre-civil war DemoKKKratic plantations is that blacks were slaves and in present day DemoKKKratic Utopian city plantations blacks are no longer enslaved by anyone. Isn’t it staggering to realize that even though trillions of dollars have been spent by DemoKKKratic governmental bureaucracies controlling these inner cities since President Johnson declared a “war on poverty” in the mid-sixties and yet all of the problems Stampp outlines are still not fixed.

America, please remember! “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” America don’t allow the DemoKKKrats to get you DUPED any longer!

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