• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

American Exceptionalism

Conservatives believe in American exceptionalism. No other country in the history of civilization has answered the call of the faint whispers or anguished cries of the millions under a variety of “ism” tyranny and freed them from their shackles of bondage under despot rulers so they may also be able to finally sit at the ‘Table of Democracy to taste freedom and drink the nectar of sweet liberty’. America has sent her fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters into harms way on many occasions and She has lost blood and treasure, countless drops of blood, permanently stained into soil on foreign lands, so that other nations can experience what Americans take for granted every day of our lives which is the freedom to pursue “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”. America has done more in its short period of existence of 242 years to promote and secure the liberty and freedom of the individuals around the globe and to assert the bold American claim that God given rights are indeed endowed on every human being no matter where they are in the world. President Reagan said it best when he articulated “Freedom is the natural condition of man as ordained by the Creator”

Legal Immigration historically has been a huge part of American exceptionalism. To deny that would be to deny a huge part of our past. Those legal immigrants who came in the late 1800‘s and early 1900’s became woven into the tapestry of the fabric of America. Those people who came before as well as those coming today, tomorrow, next week and months from now from all over the world have one over-reaching thought. They want to come to America. They all want a piece of the American Dream. Most want to become Americans. Some do not! Those that want to become Americans are voting with their feet and their hearts. They are ready and willing to leave the country of their mother’s birth, leave family and friends, leave their jobs, leave everything behind and with only their faith to hold on to, they journey to America. They are not looking for a British, French, Australian, African, Canadian, Nordic, Russian, Irish, Italian, Polish, Mexican, Haitian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, Middle Eastern or Scottish dream. My apologies to the other 176 countries I left out, but it doesn’t matter. Pick any country and put “dream” after it. You can’t. It doesn’t work. There is no other country dream. It’s not a dream to go to any other country, it’s a pipe dream. The only dream people want is the American Dream and I dare say almost every soul around the world even today would echo the same sentiments, ‘I want to be a part of the American Dream’.

Mind you, we are talking about legal immigration back then and we need to address it in the same manner today regarding our future. We need “The Wall”. We need to build “The Wall”. We need to end chain migration. We need to end the diversity lottery visa program. All visa programs need to be revisited and scrutinized in regards as to how do they better enrich the fabric of American society. Immigration today should be merit based. Policies in the past worked because rules were followed. That is definitely not the case today.

American Exceptionalism will continue to grow if we are willing to ask the following questions and political correctness be damned. The subject of anchor babies need to be addressed? It cannot be ignored. Are we looking for the best and brightest from around the world or will just anybody will do? Do immigrants who want to come to America agree with its founding principles? Do immigrants love America, it’s ideas, ideals and the American way of life? Do they believe in liberty and individualism? Do they believe in the concept of freedom of speech? Do they believe in the concept of freedom of religion? Do immigrants love the American people? Do immigrants love hot dogs, apple pie and baseball? Unless we are willing to tackle these questions and address our immigration problem head on we will be doomed as a nation going into the future. Let’s call it like it is and “intercourse” political correctness. There is a difference in saying “legal immigrant” and “illegal immigrant”. There is no such thing as an “illegal immigrant”. “Immigrant” implies legality. There is a difference between a legal alien and an illegal alien, period, end of story! Again, I say intercourse political correctness.

What will happen if we ever allow the DemoKKKratic party to wield power over America? What will happen if we give in to Leftist’s and their black shirted gangster force known as Antifa? What will happen to America if we allow the pervasive winds of socialism or the dark clouds of Communism to befall our great nation. Let me describe to you what will happen in that nightmare scenario.

The beautiful tapestry of countless individual threads of legal immigrant’s past and present which when woven together made and continue to make America great will start to unravel right in front of our eyes. All it takes is a few threads to begin the tearing and ripping process and very soon our beautiful tapestry has a tear here and a tear there. Patriots will try to patch it with different pieces of cloth, but it just isn’t the same. Tears continue, some people care, many do not and Washington continues its patchwork. Fragments begin to fall away, never to be seen again. It won’t take long before we realize as a nation that “Ole Glory” has been torn away, fragmented and is no longer the symbol of the American Dream. It has turned into a nightmare for America and Armageddon for the rest of humanity!

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