• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis Florida 10/28/20

Latest Election updates as of Wednesday Oct 28th This is all the data I have gathered from the different states BOE sites and various other Early Voting (EV) & Mail in Ballot (MIB) return sites FL: Back in 2016 (D) led by 3.1% in EV & (MIB) early voting... At same time today they only lead by .8% Remember in 2016 with that 3.1% lead (D) going into election day they lost FL by 133,000 votes...

Dem operatives will tell you that for D to have a chance in FL they need to have minimum 650,000-750,000 vote lead in EV&MIB before election day..... As of 10/28...(R) are outpacing their EV & MIB totals IN EVERY COUNTY IN FL INCLUDING...... their Dem strongholds in Miami Dade, Palm Beach and EVEN Broward County which is the most LIBERAL COUNTY IN ALL OF FL... In Palm Beach County in 2016 HC beat DT 57-41... IN 2020 R are winning EV 39-38.... IN 2016 D  were ahead of R at similar time by 47-28.... That means at same time 4 years ago D were up in early voting by 19 points.... This year D are down by 1point...a shift of 20 points to the R.... In Broward County which is the most liberal county in FL as well in the US.... Back in 2016 HC CRUSHED  DT 61-37%... IN 2020 D are leading EV voting 48-28%... Now you maybe saying...hey Dr. Nasir, that looks bad for DT...he is losing Broward by 20 points... It seems that way but that is why you need to dive deeper into the numbers and compare to previous election cycles.... Back in 2016 D at similar time were leading R 55-22%.... This means as of today R have gained 7 points and D lost 7 points.... And it gets even worse for Biden folks.... In Miami Dade County back in 2016 HC ABSOLUTELY CRUSHED TRUMP in this county by 30 points....64-34%.... In 2020 EV & MIB  R are leading 38-36% .... In 2016 at similar time in race D were leading 44-30%.... R have gained +8 points in EV & MIB in Miami Dade County.... People keep asking me, why...what is going on .... I tell them its because of what i have been saying.... over and over and over and over and over and over and over... AGAIN... And nobody believes me.... Donald Trump is not a Racist.... That 24/7 BULLSHIT💩💩💩 narrative being propagandized by the Dems, Mainstream Marxist Media, Hollywood Hypocrites, Leftists and Academia is not working..... People can see through the BULLSHIT💩💩💩...and yes... Black & Brown people have brains and can think for themselves.... The reason for DT & Repub leads/gains is because of ....... WHAT HAVE I BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS ..... DT will get a huge share of the Latino/Hispanic vote and I have been proven correct once again. According to latest Telemundo poll Biden is beating Trump by only 5 points.... To put this in perspective.... HC won Latino support by over 27 points against DT.... In other words DT is doing +22 points with Latino/Hispanic voters.... And I am proven correct once again... Cuban voters are in FL are supporting DT by 77% to 18% for Biden Remember in 2016 D had 88,000 lead going into election nite and lost FL by 133,000 votes which was a +225,000 swing for DT.

It is quite possible that R may have lead in FL going into election day and remember you still have 46% R who say they are going to vote on election day compared to about 15% D saying they are going to vote on election day...

Presidential Election tidbit...



Candidate who won FL  last 6 Presidential elections went on to win Presidency.

I expect Trump to win FL by 2-4%

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