• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis: Has anyone seen CNN? 10/29/20

CNN just coming around to my analysis from  about 2 weeks ago.... That Biden and DemoKKKrats are way behind in Miami Dade County in FL.... They are also down big in Palm Beach... They are leading in Broward but if you look at comparable times from 2016 you will see that Biden is under performing Hillary from 2016.... In 2016 HC CRUSHED TRUMP 61%- 37%... In 2020 early voting as of yesterday in Broward County Dems lead Republicans 47%-29% To compare at same time in 2016 D were leading R 55%-22%... This means Trump has gained 7 points and Biden has lost 7 points in the most LIBERAL & DEMOKKKRATIC County in America.... WoW.... I never thought i would be saying this.... Thank You CNN for backing up my analysis

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