• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis: Latest Polls from Trafalgar and Democracy Institute 10/30/20

These 2 polls along with Investors Business Daily IBD were the only polls in 2016 that correctly predicated Trump's victory.... I used them along with Professor Helmut Northop's primary model along with a few other sites in analyzing their data for my 2016 presidential predictions.... I am relying on them even more in 2020... You know I have been right before and I am right now.... Read and understand at your on risk.... Trafalgar and racy Institute polls came out yesterday and here are results: Their has been a consistent move of Blacks and Hispanics away from Biden towards Trump.. In the 7 swing states are the results.... 23% of Black vote👉DT... 39% of Hispanic vote👉DT In recent Harris national poll they are showing... 13% Black vote 👉DT 39% Hispanic vote 👉DT Let's compare similar numbers in 2016...shall we... HC held DT to only 8% of Black vote and 26% of Hispanic vote If you believe these polls and these were the only guys to get it right in 2016.... Inside the numbers mean DT is at minimum running twice as good as he did in 2016 and among Latinos he is doing nearly 50% better than in 2016...

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