• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis Ohio 10/28/20

Latest Election updates as of Wednesday Oct 28th This is all the data I have gathered from the different states  BOE sites and various other Early Voting (EV) & Mail in Ballot (MIB) return sites OH: In 2016 all the experts and political pundits and the polls had HC winning OH by average of 7.3 points on election nite... I was one of the very few who predicted Trump would win OH and my margin was between 3-5 points... Trump won by 8. How did he do it in 2016 and how will he repeat it in 2020....

Trump won areas like Dayton,OH with huge turnout in rural areas of counties like Montgomery.... He dominated in the rural areas all over America especially in OH by jacking up the votes and running up the margins with his faithful support base in OH counties like Butler and Warren... That will not change in 2020. I predict Trump will win OH between 10-15 points, probably it will be 55%-44%

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