• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis Texas 10/30/20

Latest Election updates as of Friday Oct 30th This is all the data I have gathered from the different states  Board of Election sites, NBC, CNN, MSNBC & FOX along with various other Early Voting (EV) & Mail in Ballot (MIB) return sites TEXAS: So in 2016 we predicted DT would win Tx...thats really not a prediction ...its a given... But every election cycle Dems say TX is in play and many pundits are saying Biden will turn TX BLUE... Well they are right in one regard...Biden will turn TX "BLUE"...

Well they are right in one regard...Biden will turn TX "BLUE"... but it will be a very sad and melancholy "BLUE" , when Biden and Dems lose TX again... Believe me TX is not turning BLUE... Trump won TX by over 1 MILLION VOTES in 2016... The latest NYTimes Sienna College poll shows Trump over Biden 47%-43%... Reason for this is Biden's message is not resonating with Hispanic voters which is being reflected in the polls.... In 2016 Trump CRUSHED HC in TX as expected. The county map was a sea of red except for a few areas around San Antonio, Dallas and Austin... To understand how Republicans play the ground game in Texas look no further than Montgomery County. Trump crushed HC by about 103.000 . This was Trump's greatest haul of votes from any county in America and this was in 2016... Do you want to know what Trump is doing in  Montgomery County on 10/31/20.... The Early vote & Mail in Ballots as of 9:50 pm today show the R have 182, 676.... The D have 23,248... Trump will win Montgomery ty by nearly 200,000 doubling his victory margin over HC in 2016. The other counties Trump is projected to do well in are Collin, Denton, and Tarrant counties....all of which he is leading by huge margins.... Keep in mind on election day R turnout to vote is 2-3 times larger than D. My prediction for Texas is that Trump will win by 10-15%

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