• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis: What is happening with the Hispanic vote? 10/28/20

Here is Politico once again weeks late just discovering that Biden is only leading Trump with Latinos by only 5 points.... I was pointing this out two weeks ago on my show.... At this time in 2016 on election nite in FL Clinton won Latinos by 30 points. .... Biden is down 25 points to Trump with Latinos..... I saw this in the Early vote and Mail in Ballot  returns coming in from Miami Dade, Palm Beach and Broward counties. I'm sure the Trump campaign did as well.... If the Biden campaign or Politico were watching my show and my analysis from 2 weeks ago they would have seen this... I am thankful they did not...We don't need to help them figure this out..... Remember in past 50 years of elections the candidate who wins FL goes onto win the Presidency.... Only exception was in 1992 when Bill Clinton beat George Bush Sr.... reason was Ross Perot got nearly 20% of vote taking votes away from Bush which helped BC secure the Presidency

Stay tuned for more analysis into the weekend....






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