• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Muslim vs Muslimist & Islam vs Islamist vs Islamism

Understanding the Differences Is Crucial

Many in the media lump the words, Islam, Islamist, Islamism, Muslimist and Muslim together trying to intimate they are synonymous. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is absolutely no Islamism in Islam. Islamism is a man-made theocratic construct. An Islamist is not a true follower of Islam and Muslim is not synonymous with Muslimist. Muslim is not synonymous with an Islamism Islamist.

That’s like saying Christianity, White Supremacy, KKK and Christians are synonymous. Conservatives and other fair- minded Americans know this is sheer nonsense. Oh, but wait a minute now! Isn’t this exactly what the Alt-Left, Main Stream and DemoKKKratic State party controlled media bloviate this type of bullshit perched upon their lofty commodes on a daily basis. Of course it is! No one in their right mind would ever think Christianity, White Supremacy, KKK and Christians are interchangeable. It would be slanderous and intellectually dishonest, yet this narrative is promulgated by the media 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

I contend the same is being done by purposely conflating the words Islam, Islamist, Islamism, Muslim and Muslimist as being just as interchangeable. Nothing could be further from the truth. I don’t blame average hard working Americans for believing this word play slight of hand. I blame elites on both sides of the political spectrum. I blame Academic Elitism, Main Stream Media, Journalism and the press for perpetuating this fallacy.

Let’s begin defining the terms to establish a common baseline. A Pew research poll in 2015 defined Islam as the 2nd largest faith in the world with nearly 1.8 billion followers. So we define Islam as a faith like Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Shintoism or Taoism.

Islamism is one of the man made “isms”, like Fascism, Marxism, Leninism, Stalinism, Communism, Socialism, ISISism and Nazism. Islamism has nothing to do with Islam or being a Muslim. Upon Islam’s advent to the Arabic Bedouins there was never any preaching of a concept of Islamism. Islamism is a politico-theocratic man made construct trying to usurp authority from Islam. Whereas Islam should be described as good, Islamism should be its polar opposite, namely evil. Think of Islam and Islamism as the collision between matter and anti-matter where matter is good and represents Islam and anti-matter is evil and represents Islamism. When matter and anti-matter collide, there’s a destructive force of immense magnitude. This collision is occurring today between Islam and Islamism and between Muslims and Muslimists.

Islamism is a political ideology shotgun married to theocratic misinterpretations. Islamism is about leaping backward in time to the days of Caliphate and Monarchial rule. Islamism is anti-World, anti-American and anti-Capitalism. Islamism is anti-west, anti- democracy and anti-secularism. Islamism is anti-Islam, anti-Muslim, anti-Christianity and Anti-Semitic. Islamism is anti all other religions or faiths, anti- science and anti-progress. The practitioners of Islamism are Islamists. They are not followers of Islam.

The Islamism Islamist is like the KKK loyalist, Nazi or ISIS foot soldier conducting and carrying out the evil and barbaric orders of Theocratic Islamism. The Islamism Islamist wants to forcefully convert pragmatic Muslims to Islamism. If they refuse, they are beaten, imprisoned or killed. The difference between the Islamism Islamist and a pragmatic Muslim is the Islamism Islamist is a fascist fundamentalist racist bigoted radical jihadist zealot who condones violence and all forms of terrorism against Muslims and non-Muslims alike, whereas the pragmatic Muslim is practicing peace and pragmatism. Muslims are not Muslimists. Muslims are NOT terrorists. Not all Muslimists are terrorists but ALL Islamists are terrorists. Here again definitions need to be absolutely precise.

I believe there are are two types of terrorist mindsets. A Violence Action oriented Islamism Islamist terrorist mindset and A non-Violence Action oriented Muslimist mindset. I believe both are evil, the Islamism Islamist mindset because they condone and commit acts of terror, violence and murder whereas the Muslimist does not commit any acts of violence or terror them self, they agree terrorist activities may be justified in some cases. Let me elaborate further. Violence Action oriented Islamism Islamist terrorist mindsets, those with Wahhabist or even non-Wahhabism links have perpetuated the teaching of the martyrdom school of thought and are not only just thinking about different methods of killing and murdering Muslim and non-Muslims alike, but they are willing to go out and do whatever is necessary to achieve their evil intentions using scriptures taken out of context as their justification. Non-Violence Action oriented Muslimists are those identified in the Pew polls who agree with Islamist doctrine and even agree terrorist activities can be justified in certain cases. Unlike the first group, they do not commit any acts of terrorism themselves nor are they critical of the former group. This group; however will tell other Muslims and non-Muslims that they are not following their "proper" brand of Islamist doctrine. An example of this within a Muslim community is the following. In Islam there is a prohibition on drinking any type of alcohol, whether it’s beer, wine or liquor. Now there are many Muslims who drink and many, many more who do not. As far as i am concerned it’s none of my business if another Muslim drink‘s, it‘s their decision. That makes me a Pragmatic Muslim. If any Muslim gets upset with them, yells or screams, becomes belligerent or threatens violence unless they stop drinking, they are Muslimists. Here is an example of Muslimists outside of the Muslim community in a non-Muslim majority country using the same example. Lets say there are some Muslims living in a town. The town has a liquor store. A few Muslims in that town begin to protest and want the store to close because they say Islam prohibits drinking. These are not Muslims, they are Muslimists, period!

There’s a global war occurring between Islamism Isamist Nazi-ISIS like foot soldiers of Islamism battling against those pragmatic Muslims trying to prevent their religion of Islam from being hijacked and completely taken over by Islamism.

So now we come to the real crux of the matter. How do you know, how do you determine or even attempt to define who’s a Muslim and who’s a Muslimist in America? Is a person a Muslim following Islam or are they a Muslimist following Islamist doctrine? Are there questions we can ask to get answers? Of course there are!

Answers to these questions will differentiate between the pragmatic Muslim who loves America from the Muslimist who does not like America and some who may even hate America. Here are a few questions to help in differentiating between the two. Do you love America unequivocally? Is America the greatest nation in the world? Do you stand for American ideals, values and principles? Do you believe in the Constitution of the United States? Do you believe in the separation of church and state? Do you believe in equality between men and women? Do you respect the American Flag? Do you believe the Founding Fathers were men of deep faith and moral conviction? Do you believe in freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Do you believe English should be the official language in America? There should be absolutely no hesitation in answering these questions with a resounding YES. If the answer is NO to any of them, they are Muslimists. Now for the “pie’ce de re’sistance” questions. Should Sharia Law or some aspects of it supplant the Constitution of the United States? Should Sharia-like courts be allowed to operate in America. If they answer YES, they are Muslimists.

People have been elected to our government who claim to be Muslim. This needs to be challenged and refuted. They are not Muslims. They are Muslimists. Examples are Congresswomen Rep. Ilhan Omar, Rep. Rashida Talib and Congressman Andre’ Carson who claim to be Muslims. Attorney General of Minnesota Keith Ellison, previously a Congressman and deputy chairman of the DNC claims to be a Muslim as does leftist political activist Linda Sarsour. These people are not Muslims. They are all Muslimists. How do I know this to be true? It’s quite simple really. They would fail to answer YES to most of the questions posed above, or equivocate on their answers. The only question they would give a resounding YES, would be to Sharia Law or perhaps propose that certain aspects of Sharia Law could be incorporated in America.

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