• Dr. Nasir Shaikh


As a Reagan Conservative growing up and now a Trump “Pragservative” (Pragmatic Conservative) I have always believed in the sanctity and preservation of all innocent life, including the unborn. All innocent life emanates from God and only He has the Divine Right to cause its existence to cease. Who the “Hell” are we as humans to decide and prescribe death towards the unborn. I believe abortion is murder, pure and simple. Its legislation via Roe v. Wade in 1973 gives license to legalized pre-meditated murder. I believe abortion is a hate crime. The definition of a hate crime is “a crime, usually violent, motivated by prejudice or intolerance toward an individual’s national origin, ethnicity, color, religion, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation or disability”. Babies and children fall under the above definition of hate crimes.

The legal definition of abortion is, “The premature termination of a pregnancy. The intentional and artificial termination of a pregnancy that destroys an embryo or fetus. The spontaneous expulsion of an embryo or fetus before it is capable of living outside the womb.”

Bishop Jorge Luis Lona from San Luis in Argentina stated the use of the word “fetus” and “embryo” is just “another ploy to present the issue not as one of life or death, but rather as a mere bureaucratic procedure”. I agree 1000% with the bishop. Saying you want to terminate or abort a fetus or an embryo sounds so much nicer, comes off the palate smoothly, rolls off the tongue without a thought than saying you want to murder or kill a baby or a child. Let me ask this question? When a woman goes to her doctor for prenatal visits, does the doctor ask her how her embryo or fetus is doing? No, he asks “how is your baby doing”? Is your baby moving or kicking? When we ask the doctor, what is the sex of our baby, does the doctor answer by saying “you are having a male or female fetus” or your fetus will be a boy or girl. Once again, the answer is no, the doctor says you are having a boy or a girl. The physician is implying life. The physician is scientifically attributing personhood to the baby. Is the doctor lying to us? Why are Pro-Murderers interchanging the words boy and girl with fetus and embryo?

According to the 2012 CDC statistics, every 20 seconds one baby is Murder-Aborted in America. Approximately 4,500 babies every day, 1,600 black children, 1,500 white children, 1,000 Latino children and 400 children of mixed ethnicities are being “Killed, Murdered, Maimed, Mutilated and Tortured” every second in the name of the Pro-Choice, Pro-Murder, Pro-Death policy shoved down the collective throats of the American people by the Alt-Left, Left-Stream, Democratic State Party controlled media and Planned Parenthood Murder Inc.

These babies are legal residents and citizens of the United States of America yet are not afforded protection under the Constitution. Why is that? Who will give voice to the voiceless? Who will defend the defenseless? Certainly not the Left who are complicit in Murder!

Hillary Clinton made a statement during the first Democratic debate in 2015 where she stated, “We’ve got to be committed to getting every child to live up to his or her God-given potential”. You can imagine the number of tweets and comments her remarks sparked, but there was a tweet from Cynthia Meyer, deputy press secretary for the Attorney General of Texas to hit the “nail squarely on the head”. Cynthia’s tweet was profound, it said “would help if they had the chance to be born”. Checkmate Hillary!

Remember in the third Presidential debate between Trump and Hillary. Trump claimed Hillary would allow abortions so late in order for doctors to “rip the baby out of the womb of the mother just prior to the birth of the baby”. Trump continued, “Now you can say that’s ok, and Hillary can say that’s ok, but it’s not ok with me. Because based on what she[Hillary] is saying and based on where she’s going and where she’s been, you can take the baby out of the womb in the ninth month, on the final day and that’s not acceptable”. Remember the outcry from the MSM. They went apoplectic. They were having cows and kittens? The Left, the DemoKKKrats, Planned Parenthood Murder Inc, the entire MSM and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled media said Trump was delusional, a moron, an idiot and a liar who was using scare-mongering tactics. Based on the Reproductive Health Act[Baby Pre-Meditated Murder Act] passed in New York in January 2019, I would venture to say candidate Trumps debate answer was quite profound as well as prophetic.

Are you aware more black babies are Murder-Aborted in NYC than black births. Calling New York City, the Red Apple is apropos because NYC is awash with the red blood stains of the black children it has killed and murdered. A 2013 report from the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene’s Bureau of Vital Statistics showed in 2013 black women accounted for 29,007 Murder-Abortions, representing almost 42 percent of all Murder-Abortions of black children in the city. The same year black women in NYC gave birth to 24,108 babies. In other words, the black population lost 5,000 people. Black women Murder-Aborted their children at a rate of 67.3 per 1,000 women ages 15 to 19, a rate far higher than any other ethnic group. The statistics were similar for 2012 which showed black women Murder-Aborted 31,328 black children and had 24,758 births. So much for the slogan and group Black Lives Matter.

Ronald Reagan was correct when he said “Make no mistake, Abortion or Death on demand is not a right granted by the Constitution. We cannot diminish the value of one category of human life, the unborn, without diminishing the value of all human life” Let’s assume Reagan was incorrect, I know, hard to imagine, but for the sake of discussion let’s assume somewhere in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights the Founding Fathers had enshrined abortion as a right. Suppose it was the 3rd amendment! Here is the question which needs to be answered. Why should abortion be the only right subsidized by the government? Dinesh D’Souza talks about this as have others. We have the right to free speech, but do we get money from the government via the people to help us buy a newspaper or start up a cable show? We have the right to assemble freely, does the government via the people give us money to book a venue or hotel for us to gather together? We have the right to practice our faith, but does the government via the people give us money to subsidize building churches, synagogues, mosques or temples? We have the right to bear arms, does the government via the people give us money to buy guns and ammunition? If they do, please sign me up.

So, I ask my question again. If we assume abortion is a right guaranteed to women under the constitution, why should the abortion right be the only one subsidized and paid for by the people, but not the other rights granted to us?

The next quote is amazing and I never would have thought I would be agreeing with the Reverend Jesse Jackson, let alone quoting him alongside President Reagan. Here is what the Reverend said in 1977. “The question of “life” is the question of the 20th century. Race and poverty dimensions of the life question, but discussions about abortions have brought the issue into focus in a much sharper way. How we will respect and understand the nature of life itself is the over-riding moral issue, not of the Black race, but of the human race. The question of abortion confronts me in several different ways. First, although I do not profess to be a biologist, I have studied biology and know something about life from the point of view of the natural sciences. Second, I am a minister of the Gospel and therefore, feel that abortion has a religious and moral dimension that I must consider. Third, I was born out of wedlock and against the advice my mother received from her doctor and therefore abortion is a very personal issue for me. From my perspective, human life is the highest good, the “summum bonum”. Human life itself is the highest good and God is the Supreme Good because He is the Giver of Life. That is my philosophy. Everything I do proceeds from that religious and philosophical premise. How we respect life is the over-riding moral issue.”

You cannot have two men more diametrically opposed philosophically than these two.

Yet on this topic there can absolutely be no compromise. Conservatives have only one choice and that is Pro-Life because the opposite of Pro-Life is Pro-Death. Kenneth G. Wolfe wrote the following: “Hopefully Americans will choose a president who will appoint Supreme Court Justices who will prevent the further deterioration of American society and who truly values life from conception to death”. President Trump did just that with Neal Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh. Hopefully these two will side with Life when these cases will be brought before the Supreme Court. I agree with Mr. Wolfe, one of the gold standard litmus tests for a Supreme Court nominee should be they are not 100% Pro-Life but 1000% Pro-Life and willing to testify to that statement. We should all agree with poet Carl Sandburg who said, “A baby is God’s opinion the world should go on”

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