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Updated: Feb 2, 2020

November 10, 2016

“Trumpism” is the absence of political ideology. Simply put, the political equation is (Donald Trump + Love of America + Heart + Patriotism + Pragmatism + Conservatism = Trumpism). “Trumpism” squared = “Trump Pragservatism”. Donald Trump is a pragmatist, pure and simple. He is not beholden to conservatism, liberalism or libertarian dogma. He is not a politician in the traditional sense of the word as politically defined over America’s past 243 years. Unlike traditional republican, democratic, or libertarian ideology, “Trumpism” has no strict ideological adherence.

How else could you define “Trumpism”. How about “Trump Pragservatism”? Two words describe it. “Traditional Americanism”. It’s about America coming first, her sovereignty coming first, her Constitution coming first, her greatness coming first, her citizens coming first. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of thinking. Wouldn’t you expect leaders all over the world to proudly exclaim their nation was the best, their country should come first, that their citizens should come first? This is called Nationalism. Nationalism is not a bad word. Many past and current leaders of countries were Nationalists. Some past examples are Ghandi, Churchill, DeGaulle, Thatcher, Mandela, Gorbeshev. Current examples would be Obrador of Mexico, Macron of France, Xi Jinping of China, Abe of Japan, Merkel of Germany. I could list more. So why are President Trump and so many Americans looked on with so much contempt and disdain when we say America first?

I will make a bold claim and state we are probably the only nation in the world where many of its own elected leaders in the DemoKKKratic party, RINO Republicans, people in academia, members of the MSM, elitist liberals and Hollywood Hypocrites feel America needs to be knocked off its pedestal. These people want America to give up its number one ranking of greatness in the world. As Trump has stated many times, he was elected President of the United States, not of the world. His fiduciary responsibility as CEO of America is to make sure She is safe, strong, stable and secure. It is his job to make sure the forgotten men and women, especially those country class folks all over America, especially in flyover country and in the blue wall states are taken care of first. American citizens have the right to come first, then legal immigrants. Illegal aliens come last. Period!

This thinking is in complete contrast to President Obama whose ideology was just the opposite. Where Trump’s initial instinct is America first, Americans first. Obama’s was globalism first, multiculturalism second. America and its citizens were way down on the list during the Obama monarchy. Trumpism is an unabashed repudiation of globalism postulated by the likes the Alt-Left, Left Stream media, and the DemoKKKratic state party-controlled media, academia within the halls of our universities and colleges, as well as the Hollywood hypocrites along with the republican establishment and leftist’s elites. In today's political environment dictated by the left-leaning press, it is definitely politically incorrect to proudly proclaim the following as I do, “We are not citizens of the world first, we are citizens of America first”.

Donald Trump looks at problems not from a single perspective but from all perspectives. He is more like a CEO and COO combined. The company he is running is America LLC. He has a fiduciary responsibility, first to the Constitution, to the American people and to the country. We the American people are the shareholders in the largest company in the world named America LLC. Every 4 years over the past 243 years Americans had one vote to cast to choose someone from the established political class to lead us. In 2016, America decided it was time an outsider was given a chance. Just a few days ago on my FaceBook video blog, “The Dr. Nasir Shaikh Show”, pre-election eve November 7th, 2016 I predicted an electoral landslide victory for Donald Trump. In fact, I had predicted he would win the Presidency on the day he announced his candidacy, June 16th, 2015. I stated many times during the election I was voting as a shareholder in America LLC. I was not voting on a President. I was voting for a CEO/COO. Americans have elected a President for the past 243 years and America was quickly going insane, especially over the past 8 years. We all know the definition of insanity is doing the same things repeatedly but expecting different results. Has anything really changed in America LLC? The head office for America LLC is in Washington DC, otherwise known the “Swamp”. The Board of Directors, also known as Congress resides there as well. They also have a fiduciary responsibility to the Constitution, to the America people and the country. Unfortunately for us, our Founding Fathers never implemented term limits for Congress which gave rise to the insanity we see today. Our Congress today, these so-called Board of Directors no longer work for America LLC. Instead they work for special interest groups, for ruling class elites and for their own self-enrichment. This has been going on for decades. It must be stopped! The Swamp needs drained! The toilet bowl we call Washington DC needs to be flushed! We need CEO Trump to push down on the handle and flush them away.

CEO Trump has seven areas he needs to concentrate on. He already has the company slogan…” Make America Great Again”. “Trumpism” is about America LLC first and foremost. It’s about pragmatism. It’s about how can “Trumpism” or “Trump Pragservatism” (Pragmatic Conservatism) help the forgotten men and women all over this country living in flyover country. It’s all about jobs, lower taxes, increased investment, lower the trade deficit, increase wages, stop illegal immigration, strengthen our national defense, secure our borders, fighting against the cancerous PC culture which and the Hollywood hypocritic culture and entertain economic policies that strengthen the dollar.

The 7 areas he needs to concentrate on are Pro-Life, immigration, economy, national security, domestic policy, foreign policy and fighting the culture war. Most Presidents try to tackle one or two of these areas in a term. Trump is involved on all seven fronts while constantly being attacked by Academia, Hollywood Hypocrites, DemoKKKrats, the MSM, Globalist Elites, Deep State, Never-Trumpers and even RINO members from the Republican party. President Trump still manages to fend off political correctness and has already achieved quite a number of victories in each of these areas which he promised to the American people. I would be willing to debate and defend the following premise. None of the other 44 Presidents in the entire history of the American Presidency have delivered on the promises they made during their election campaigns in the magnitude of promises kept and implemented by President Trump. Trumpism would agree with me and America LLC is back, leading the world on all fronts thanks to our CEO/COO Donald J. Trump.

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