• Dr. Nasir Shaikh

Election 2020 Analysis: What is happening with the Black vote? 10/28/20


What is happening with the Black vote.... You also have to factor in the polls which are proving me right as usual which is all the (D) Black vote is not going to Biden... Rasmussen did poll few days ago showing 46% of Blacks supported Trump. So you have to figure that a huge % of Black Democrats will vote for Trump... Biden's coalition of minority voters is crumbling... Look at these numbers... In 2008 John McCain nationally received 4% of Black vote... In 2012 Romney received 6% of Black vote... In 2016 Trump received 9% of Black vote nationwide... I believe Trump will get between 10,-15% of Black vote on low side and between 20-25% of Black vote on high side in 2020.

Like I stated in my analysis at current EV totals & MIB it seems blacks are voting for Trump at very high levels even as it looks like overall as of today black EV & MIB are down compared to 2016 at similar dates... If that Rasmussen poll is correct we could be seeing an extraordinary seismic shift in the American electorate which would all but decimate the DemoKKKratic party as Blacks flee the DemoKKKratic Plantation mentality that has been peddled by the DemoKKKratic party along with their Accolytes in the Mainstream Marxist Media... I always take these polls as snapshots in time. The way I analyze  the Rasmussen poll is that even if they are 50% correct it will be very good for Republicans. I am still going to be looking at EV & MIB of black voters coming on over weekend in Philadelphia... Durham, Charlotte, Raleigh in NC.... and Miami Dade,  Palm Beach and Broward in Fl.... and in Georgia as well... If trends continue as they are now, like I said we could be looking at low support of 15% to high support of 25-30%...

More polling data from Rasmussen about Black voter likely to vote on President Trump's job approval....

Mon 10/19 ......25%

Tue   10/20 ......24%

Wed  10/21......31%

Thu   10/22......37%

Fri     10/23......46%

Reason for huge increase was 3rd debate which Blacks and Hispanics overwhelmingly said Trump won Rasmussen backs my analysis 100% as I have been saying this all along but everyone thinks or thought I am crazy..... Like I say on my show everyday.... When you are Right, you're RIGHT.... And And when you are Left, you're Wrong....

We will find out on Nov 3rd...

This is the Super Bowl 🏈 of Politics.

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