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When Donald Trump declared his candidacy for President on June 16, 2015, taking the now most famous escalator ride in American history, I knew he was going to win. Absolutely no doubt about it. I talked about it on my YouTube and Facebook videos. In fact, on my Facebook page “The Nasir Shaikh Show” video post from Monday November 7th, pre-election night, I predicted an electoral college tsunami for Donald Trump and his Presidential coattails adding to our House of Lords and House of Commons in the DC toilet bowl collectively known as “The Swamp”.

I was absolutely ridiculed by friends and colleagues alike. The question would always be, “Nasir, you, really, you’re a Donald Trump supporter and giving your vote for him, why? My answer was always an emphatic “Yes I am, and i replied back with "and you’re voting for Hillary, why?”. This was always followed by an incredulous look and a shake of heads in disdain. You know the look you got and continue to get when you say "I'm a President Trump Supporter" We all know the look by now! To my liberal and leftist friends, if I were one of you, OMG! perish the thought. BFF...not! I could consider the comment as well as the head bob a micro-aggression of racism against me. But that would make me one of them...UGH! Are we not told how micro-aggressions are racist according to Leftist dogma? Isn’t it nice when we can use the stupidity and asininities of the Left against them. This is one of the many reasons why I knew Donald Trump would win. He uses the hypocrisy of the Left against them and points it out for all to see at every opportunity, whether at a rally, in an interview, at a press conference or posting to Twitter. The Alt-Left, Left-Stream, Main-Stream and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled media acolytes hate this because it points out their own bias and hypocrisy. There is no other republican or politician on the republican or conservative side who would ever have the intestinal fortitude to dare do this. Donald Trump doesn’t give a DAMN and finally we have someone who has our back against the Alt-Left and their media acolytes.

So, how did I, in all humbleness, know what I knew because very few on the conservative side of American politics were willing to go out on a limb predicting a Trump victory?

Like Dinesh D’Souza says about the thought process of a mosquito in a nudist colony, “where do I begin?” How about with an article from the Washington Post from June 15th, 2016 exactly a year after Donald Trump declaring his candidacy. This is what urinates me off as well as urinating off so many Trump supporters. The article begins with bias and it just goes downhill from there. “The nightmare began on June 16th, 2015. Donald Trump descended on an escalator to the gilded lobby of his eponymous tower on 5th Avenue to announce his candidacy for the Republican Party’s nomination for president. Little did we know that that opening scene would be the perfect metaphor for what was to come: A low and ugly campaign that defined deviancy down in presidential politics by playing on fear, racism, xenophobia, misogyny and a general disdain for anyone not white, straight, Christian, able-bodied and male”.

This article sums up the entire narrative of the Alt-Left, Left-Stream, Main-Stream and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled media consisting of the delusional trifecta of MSLSD aka MSNBC, MSESPN & MSNFL. Then you have the TV networks, ABC aka the Alternative Facts Broadcasting Corporation, CNN aka the Commune News Network, NBC aka the Negligent Broadcasting Corporation, and CBS aka the Corrupt Broadcasting System. Now add the print rags and their intertwined Internet Dump Sites like the Washington Post, NY Times, LA Times, USA Today, Huffington Post, Politico and so many more too numerous to mention. Everyone of these so called journalistic media outlets were infected with TDSV, “Trump Derangement Syndrome Virus” and exhibited daily their arrogance, ambivalence, condescension, enmity, hate, hypocrisy, narcissism, racism and totalitarianism attitudes towards flyover country and country class Americans.

Donald Trump is a New Yorker, he’s a fighter and he doesn’t take ‘Bull Shit’ from anyone. He is Smart. He is Savvy. He is Successful. He is Intelligent. He is Self-Assured. He is his Own Man. He can’t be Bullied. He fights back and pulls no punches. No one owns him. He can’t be bought. He’s the man other men say they would like to be. He is an outsider to politics which to many of his constituency is a huge plus. He’s a leader and people will follow successful leadership. He has instant name recognition because he’s been in America’s living room for the past 20 years. Everyone knows “The Donald”. Sure, he has the ego the size of the universe, so what? I want the person running for President to have a huge ego, at least an American one? You can’t become a billionaire and be stupid as the media narrative would have you believe. Hey Alt-Left, Hey Left-Stream, Hey Main-Stream and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled media outlets: Here is my Million-dollar question. If Donald Trump is so stupid, so dumb, such an absolutely intercoursing moron as the Alt-Left universe constantly depicts. How in the world was Donald Trump able to defeat Hillary Clinton who according to the immortal words of the media’s own Messiah President Barack Obama said, "I can say with confidence there has never been a man or a woman more qualified than Hillary Clinton to serve as president of the United States of America." If you could truthfully answer that question we would all be so grateful. But you on the Left can’t because you know the answer and it pains you, it mortifies you, it kills you, because you know the truth and you know what; In the immortal words of Marine Colonel Jessup… “You Can’t Handle The Truth”

My next point is the most important of all. The media did not make Donald Trump. They had nothing to do with his success and therefore cannot cause his failure. Because of this, they will not be able to take him down. Only Donald Trump can destroy himself, no one else.

Polling data was another reason I realized Trump would win. It has long been my view most of the polling companies lean left and fraudulently cook their data to shape and define the narrative benefitting their friends in academia, science, MSM, anti-religion groups, Hollywood, sports and entertainment industries and obviously politics via the DNC. Why are democrats always oversampled in every poll by margins of 8-15%? Why are republicans under sampled in every poll? Why do most republicans in polls tend to lean moderate? Why are conservative republicans under sampled? Why is it independents tend to lean left in these polls? Why are most of polling companies owned by leftist and liberal media outlets? The answers to these questions point to the reasons Donald Trump won.

They started shaping the narrative early on with Nate Silver predicting a 97% probability of a Hillary win almost a year before the election. Once Mr. Silver opened the floodgates with his prediction, the polling companies were off to the races. All the polls fell in a ‘Hitler-Goebbells Goose Step’ propaganda like order showing Clinton with leads between 3-15 points. The Ministry of Polling Propaganda from the Alt-Left, Left-Stream, Main-Stream and Democratic State Party controlled media was just getting started. Pollsters were not calling into the heartland of America. They were not making calls into the rural areas of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Iowa and Florida. They were not talking to the forgotten men and women in flyover and country class America. They were talking to the typical electorate on both coasts and with skewed demographics. I had the opportunity to travel throughout Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia and North Carolina and what I saw astounded me. I know many will say my following observations are anecdotal yet traveling through the rural areas and suburbs I saw cars and trucks, houses large and small, farms big and small, barns, fences, trees, yards, town homes and modular homes with signs for Trump/Pence. Some were small, some were large and some were huge. In all honesty, I don’t recall seeing a single sign for Hillary/Kane anywhere I went.

Do you know what was not anecdotal? The Trump Rallies! Of all the reasons, I knew Trump would win, his rallies put him over the top. You had anywhere from a few thousand to multi-thousands of people attending Trump rallies all over the country, especially in the “democratic blue wall states”. The Alt-Left, Left-Stream, Main-Stream and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled medias narrative was to fraudulently state there is absolutely no correlation between Trump rally attendance and voting for him. In other words, they were making the case, just because thousands were attending Trump rallies didn’t automatically translate into Trump votes. Mind you, the left leaning media never postulated that theory regarding any of the Hillary rallies and their participants. If you attended a Hillary rally you were definitely voting for her, but if you attended a Trump rally, well you weren’t quite sure yet. Funny how that works in the world of the media, isn’t it? I wonder if anyone in the left stream media even tried to attend a Trump rally.

Let me give people an idea of what it was like to attend a Trump rally. I attended quite a few Trump rallies. To make a day of it, most people took the day off since in many cases it was going to be a 2-3-hour drive. In some cases, even longer. Once you arrived, parking was a pain in the ass. How’s that for flyover twang! You then had to walk quite some ways to the venue and proceeded to wait in line for hours, just hoping to get inside, otherwise you were going to be standing outside braving the elements. Once the rally was over, you had to wait to leave the venue, walk back to your car and proceed to wait for hours trying to get out of the parking lot. Finally, after a few more hours of driving you are home.

Now I ask this, attending a Trump rally just took about 10-12 hours out of your day, maybe more and we are being told by the media morons that people who attend Trump rallies are not going to vote for him. When you hear this kind of Bull Shit analysis by the Alt-Left, Left Stream, Main-Stream and DemoKKKratic State Party controlled media, you know the shovels are digging deep in excrement. The people who were attending the Trump rallies were already going to vote for him. By attending the rally, hearing and seeing Trump speak in person, being a part of the movement only solidified their vote. If they liked Donald Trump when they left for the rally, they LOVED him after the rally. These were just some of the major reasons which assured me of a huge Trump victory.

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